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Ouya Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the famous city,Shaoxing, which is known for water, bridge, wine, calligraphy , and celebrities.

We always provide customers with high quality products, professional technical support, and full series after-sales service. Our main businesses are as followed,auto parts, packaging materials, textiles, mechanical and electrical products, chemical raw materials (except dangerous chemicals and precursor drugs), Sales of lighting appliances, import and export business.

We have good products,professional sales and technical team. Our company belongs to the Shaoxing trade brokerage and agency industry yellow page industry. If you are interested in our products and services, we look forward to your online message or inquiries!
Product Center

Product Center

Ouya is committed to the development and manufacture..

Casting Wheel

Forged Wheel

Flow Forming Wheel

Casting Wheel

A356 aluminum alloy is a typical Al-Si-Mg series ternary alloy,and its a casting aluminum alloy with excellent comprehensive properties. It not only has good casting properties (good fluidity, small linear shrinkage, no tendency to thermal cracking), castable thin wall and complex-shaped castings , but it can achieve higher strength, good plasticity and high impact toughness through heat treatment.The ideal combination of aluminum alloys has therefore become the preferred material for automotive cast aluminum wheels.

Company News

Company News

The Improvement Of Alloy Wheel

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The Prospect Of Aluminum 2020

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The Upgrading Of Wheel and Tire

The upgrading of rims and tires is one of the basic projects for car modification. ..


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